Putting us in the picture

The picture of the schoolchildren watching a movie (Gazette, March 30) was taken in Ocean Road Juniors, with myself in the back row right.
The mystery is solved.The mystery is solved.
The mystery is solved.

I’ve no recollection of it, so don’t know what’s going on.

However, I do remember that the teacher is Mr Mullen.

Gary Warburton.

Hi Peter, on Page 18 of Time Of Our Lives (Gazette, March 23) you ask for information on the photo in the bottom left corner of the page.

In the foreground is the old Coronation Street, with the old Church of England school and school yard.

The school was demolished in July, 1961.

In the background, is the old gas works, in Oyston Street.

The old gas works closed on Saturday, April 6, 1957.

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On the top of the photo, you can see the part of the old gasometer, which is still standing there today.

Bill Clavery.

l On the same subject Tom Mossman Senior says: “The photograph shows the entrance to St Hilda’s infant and junior school, Waterloo Vale, in South Shields.

“Immediately behind the school, in the clouds of smoke, is the coking ovens, and to the left of the picture is the gasometer, which is still standing there, although i believe it is no longer used, and is due to be taken down.

“Asda car park probably covers the area where the school stood.”

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I read with interest your article on the Jarrow, Hebburn and Felling Boys football team (March 18).

I am the sister of Rigby Jones, the goalkeeper mentioned, who died in 1975, aged 26.

He played for the town team and later Baker Perkins’ work’s team. I remember him going abroad to Noisy-le-Sec and awarded the South Tyneside footballer of the year award.

I think that second from the right, bottom row, is Raymond Brown.

Pam Stewart

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A reader, who simply called herself Betty, got in touch following the recent articles on La Strada.

She said she and two other women served as waitresses at South Shields’ first nightclub during its heydays.

“We would wait at the back wall and wait for someone to put up a finger for us to go and get their order,” recalls 82-year-old Betty, who said she could make quite a bit of money from tips.

“We used to really enjoy it.

“I remember Bill Harkness, the manager, he was lovely. He was in tears when we left (Betty and her two colleagues, eventually went to work at La Dolce vita, in Newcastle.)

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“I recall seeing Jerry Dorsey (who later changed his name to Engelbert Humperdinck) dancing around wearing a sombrero.

“I also met Tom Jones, Matt Monroe as well as Mike and Bernie Winters,” she added.

Mr Thomas Watson also contacted me to provide details about the photo of the ship in dry dock (Gazette, March 23).

“The photo was taken at Swan Hunters’ dry dock, in Wallsend,” explained Thomas.

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“The big chimney that can be seen in the picture, is the pump house.

“I worked there for 40-plus years. The ship will have been in the dock for repairs.”

Another person to get in touch, was Rob Quinn, who, together with his fellow Crusaders pop group, used to perform at La Strada among other venues.

Referring to a photo in Time Of Our Lives (March 16) Rob said: “I know the face circled was Ron Callaghan and not the person who claimed it was him.

“I used to sit with that crowd when I wasn’t working.

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“Two band members who played bass (Ray Burns) and lead (Brian Jeffrey), from 1965 to late 1969, weren’t mentioned, although they were in some of the pictures.

“There is picture with me (on the left of the band) with a popular entertainer of the day (on the right). Did anyone guess it was Ray Ellington, the big band leader and singer.

“Just to let you know that Tom (Rob’s brother and fellow band member) has found a wallet which belonged to me in the archives.

“In it were signed pictures of Lonnie Donegan,Val Doonican, Jimmy Young, Lita Roza, Jimmy Tarbuck, plus a one of Tarby with the band.”

Lawrence Smith also got in touch.

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He said: “ I have seen your report in the Shields Gazette on Plessey workers in the 1980s.

“ I worked alongside some of all the girls in the photos

“I worked for the company for 25 years until the end with Via Systems.

“I would love to meet up with them if they have another reunion; I have never seen some of them for years.”

Meanwhile, David Iredale wrote with an appeal to readers.

“I was an engineer cadet with the British India Steam Navigation Company at the SSM&TC, in the early 1970s,” explains David.

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“I saw the launch of the Zira at Readhead’s Yard, in South Shields.

“The Zira was their last ship and I was one of their last engineer cadets, before the P&O take over.

“ I am inquiring if you or your readers have any photos of the launch of the Zira that I could get a copy of.”

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find one, so it’s over to you. If you can help David, please get in touch with me in the usual way.