Readers have their say on calls for council to end parking bay confusion at The Word

People in South Tyneside have been having their say over calls to end a confusion over disabled parking spaces at a new landmark building.
Some people have been parking beyond the disabled parking bays at The Word.Some people have been parking beyond the disabled parking bays at The Word.
Some people have been parking beyond the disabled parking bays at The Word.

The Gazette revealed yesterday that disabled drivers were being warned not to “cross the line” at The Word, in South Shields Market Place.

Those who park beyond the bays are being hit with a parking tickets but there are concerns that some drivers are mistakenly pulling up to the bollard displaying the disabled parking signs - blocking a pavement because there is no kerb.

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The council’s only opposition councillor, Lee Hughes, was one of those who said it should be made clearer that the area beyond the line was a pavement, perhaps by introducing a kerb.

But Gordon Walker, writing on the Gazette’s Facebook page, was not convinced.

He posted: “There is no kerb because the whole reason for those bays is accessibility. I hope the council don’t give in to stupidity.

“It’s a marked bay, granted it doesn’t have the yellow markers either side but you don’t need something physical to stop you moving forward.”

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The Word only opened last month, and is the centrepiece of South Shields’ £100million regeneration.

South Tyneside Council said that all drivers should “park responsibly” and follow the instructions on the signs at The Word.

They also explained that “vehicle owners have the right to appeal if they feel the ticket has been wrongly awarded”.

Clare Towns, also posting on the Gazette’s Facebook page, urged people to appeal fines if they felt they had been harshly treated.

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She said: “Martin Lewis, the money saving expert, has a bit on unfair parking fines.

“Contest it, photograph it and appeal it. Over half of cases win.”

Meanwhile, on the Gazette’s website, some posters criticised drivers who failed to park within the lines.

‘Barnstable’ posted: “What’s misleading about having to park within the lines?”

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‘Caj’ meanwhile, posed the question: “What happens when it snows?”