Referendum was a sham

The referendum we all waited so long for, the one we thought would be a beacon of democratic expression for the whole world was actually a sham.

It was just another example of politicians seeking votes by shamelessly manipulating UK public opinion.

After PM May proclaimed to the world that Brexit means UK will leave the EU and that only agreeing to the details of disengagement remained, it transpires that she knew Brexit must be ratified by Parliament, moreover the referendum result was merely to provide a guide or to be used in an advisory capacity.

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She now admits that Parliament will debate and vote on any Brexit deal offered by the EU.

You will be ahead of me already because anyone can see that it is a no win situation for the UK and our Brexit hopes and a can’t lose situation for the EU.

Obviously, the worse the deal EU offer us the less likely UK Parliament are to accept it, so the scene is set for Brussels to reject everything UK is looking for in order to force the UK Parliament to vote against Brexit.

Then, of course, our Whitehall and Westminster Wonders of u-turn and duplicity will set about persuading us that we got the vote wrong in the first place.

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Since the referendum was promised for more than three years, a genuine democratically intentioned government would have laid out this simple detail and formed a Brexit strategy long before the referendum was called, but there are no votes in working on detail and time must be left for expenses claims.

It is impossible to overstate the degree of incompetence and dishonesty of everyone in government who were concerned in the conception and execution of the Brexit fiasco.

Denis Gillon