Remembering life as a cub scout in South Tyneside

We thought we would do our duty and present a selection of pictures showing South Tyneside cub scouts from the 1960s to the 80s.
Brownsea Camp cub scouts.Brownsea Camp cub scouts.
Brownsea Camp cub scouts.

And they feature youngsters from a wide variety of troops, such as the 22nd South Shields B Pack; the 19th St Lawrence troop and the 7th Northfield Gardens pack.

As well as marching on their way in the annual St George’s Day service, the lads can be seen in a wide variety of poses, including collecting pennies and halfpennies for a worthy cause; displaying their gold arrow awards and showing off a well-earned cup.

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Over the years, tens of thousands of boys must have joined the cub scouts here on South Tyneside, were you one of them?

What are your fondest memories of your time in uniform and of those who used to run the troops?