Reminder for litter louts

I have noticed the new double fronted notice board situated at the entrance to Mowbray Road Park in South Shields finally has notices pinned therein.

There is a notice about the wrongs of fly-tipping, while another pertains to dog fouling. The regular dog walkers in this particular park always bring poo bags with them and pick it up.

There is a notice of what to put in a recycling bin, and news of a young parents project holding support service and also notification of an oncoming ward councillors walkabout in December in said park, not to mention a recipe for crab apple jelly.

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OK made the last bit up but, surely, in the name of Keep Britain Tidy, is there not a notice asking litter louts not to hoy empty crisp packets, fish and chip papers and half empty cans and bottles about the park, and make use of the many litter bins provided?

Ken Johnson