Revealed! Newcastle's huge TV windfall

Newcastle United are primed for a huge windfall from the Premier League end-of-season payments.

Monday, 16th April 2018, 10:16 am
Updated Monday, 16th April 2018, 2:11 pm
Newcastle have had 16 live games so far this season

The league is into the second of a mammoth three-year broadcasting deal.

Between them, Sky Sports and BT Sports spent more than £5billion to secure the domestic TV rights to the league between 2016 and 2019. On top of that, £3billion came in from the overseas deal.

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Rafa Benitez reacts to Islam Slimani's Newcastle performance against Arsenal

Newcastle – who beat Arsenal 2-1 at St James's Park yesterday to secure their Premier League status – made around £7million on their way to winning the Championship last season, plus an estimated £40million in parachute payments.

Currently sitting in 10th, the club are set to receive substantially more, and with each Premier League place worth just over £1.9million, Newcastle's final placing could be crucial.

Two points behind eighth-placed Leicester City, and 10 ahead of Crystal Palace in 16th, Newcastle's final position could be worth almost £18million.

Newcastle have had 16 live games so far this season

Each Premier League team receives five payments: 1) an equal share of the domestic broadcasting deal; 2) facility fees dependent on how many times the club were live on TV; 3) a merit payment for league placing; 4) an equal share of overseas payment; 5) an equal share from central commercial income such as sponsors.

Last season, which had the same TV deal as this campaign, champions Chelsea earned £150,811,183, while bottom-placed Sunderland were given £93,471,118.

Going by last year's figures, Newcastle will be guaranteed £79,151,989 from the equal share of domestic rights, overseas rights and central commercial.

Each club then receives around £1.2million for every live game. Newcastle have already been shown live 16 times and are pencilled in for one more game.

Ayoze Perez celebrates his goal against Arsenal (Pic: Stephen Dobson)

Newcastle can therefore expect to earn roughly £21million for their facility fee.

Which leaves the merit payment. If Newcastle finish in their current position in the table they will be awarded £21,357,699.

While the club have fixtures against Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur remaining the former two are at St James's Park. Plus they face West Bromwich Albion, who appeared doomed. The fixtures away to Watford and Everton also look to be winnable games.

Jump to eighth and the merit payment increases to £25,240,91,7 but drop to 16th, for example, and the fee plummets to £9,708,045.

Rafa Benitez (Pic: Stephen Dobson)

If tenth place is taken as a barometer, Newcastle can expect to earn around £121.5million for season 2017-2018, which would be a healthy boost to the club's transfer budget.

A breakdown of what Newcastle can expect to receive at the end of the season:

Equal share: £35,301,989

Facility fees: £21m

Merit payment (for 10th place finish): £21,357,699

Overseas TV: £39,090,596

St James's Park

Central commercial: £4,759,404

Total payment: £121,508,688

Newcastle have had 16 live games so far this season
Ayoze Perez celebrates his goal against Arsenal (Pic: Stephen Dobson)
Rafa Benitez (Pic: Stephen Dobson)
St James's Park