REVIEW: Paul Sinha: Postcards from the Z List, The Customs House, South Shields

With no broadcasting rules to hold him back, Paul Sinha let rip with a hilarious comedy show.
Paul SinhaPaul Sinha
Paul Sinha

Perhaps best known as Chaser, the Sinhaman, on ITV’s The Chase, we saw a completely different side to him at the Customs House last night.

The former doctor absolutely smashed it as he shocked his audience with his post-watershed, 18+ comic routine.

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As he relived some of the more hilariously-awkward days of his life, he told us about his ‘rise to the Z list’.

He’s an incredibly intelligent and interesting guy who has a lot to say, and we loved having a chance to listen.

Sinha really struck a chord with the crowd as he told us about meetings he’d had with politicians, other TV personalities, and groups of teenagers on London buses, and what, in those situations he wished he’d said.

We’ve all done it – desperately wanted to put a person in their place yet been forced by social convention to nod and smile politely.

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Sinha had everyone simultaneously creased and impressed as he rattled off the intelligent and witty responses he really wanted to give.

He also chatted about being openly-gay and the heart-warming acceptance from his Indian parents – they were more upset about him giving up his medical career to pursue comedy full time.

Sinha also chatted about The Chase, with us feeling like we were being given inside information and a behind-the-scenes peek at the popular quiz show.

His routine had the audience in stitches. I don’t think it’s what people expected. He said himself that unless people had “done their research” they wouldn’t have even known he was gay.

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His stories about visiting Parliament and the National Television Awards were priceless.

Not only was Sinha hilarious and witty, he came across as a genuinely lovely bloke.

As he ended his set, he politely asked the audience if they were in a hurry to get home, before opening the floor to questions.

People took their chance to ask about The Chase and his career, and by the end, it felt like we were all old pals.

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The next time Sinha comes to town, make sure you’ve got tickets.

He may consider himself a ‘Z-lister’, but he gets an A+ from me.

The South Tyneside Comedy Festival runs until Saturday, August 6. Go to for a full list of shows and to book tickets.