Roosh V: Vera Baird urges Home Secretary Theresa May to ban pro-rape supporter from entering country

Controversial pro-rape advocate and pick-up artist Roosh V should be barred from entering the country for "fostering hatred", a North East police boss has said.
Vera Baird has urged Theresa May not to allow Roosh V into the United Kingdom.Vera Baird has urged Theresa May not to allow Roosh V into the United Kingdom.
Vera Baird has urged Theresa May not to allow Roosh V into the United Kingdom.

Following the news that a number of supporter rallies for his anti-female views have been organised for Saturday, including one in Newcastle upon Tyne, Vera Baird, police and crime commissioner for Northumbria, has written to Home Secretary Theresa May and called for a ban on him entering the United Kingdom.

The blogger, who promotes himself as a "pick-up artist" has encouraged like-minded heterosexual men to meet at one of his events, which are taking place across the globe.

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Mrs Baird, along with Northumbria Police has hailed Roosh's views as "abhorrent" - and has said that he "does not speak for Newcastle".

She continued: "He has produced videos described as ‘thinly veiled guides to rape’ by those who have seen them.

"He needs to receive a loud and clear message that he is not speaking for Newcastle and that the police will arrest and prosecute any actions or words amounting to incitement or encouragement to sexual assault or which might be hate crime."

Roosh, real name Daryush Valizadeh, believes that rape should be made legal on private property and that women have been created to serve the needs of men.

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The commissioner added: “The Home Secretary can ban people from entering the United Kingdom, a number of people who have fostered hatred have been banned from our country.

"The UK Border Agency can turn someone away if they feel a persons "character, conduct or associations" would not be "conducive to the public good", [he] clearly fits this criteria – so if he is thinking of coming to the United Kingdom this weekend, the Home Secretary and UK Border Agency have grounds to refuse him entry."

Northumbria Police confirmed earlier today that extra patrols will be carried out around Grey's Monument, Newcastle, on Saturday evening.