Rubbish is a big problem

I read with interest the story regarding the council calls for help in battle to keep the borough clean and the £40,000 for a revampof a popular park (March 29).

Now all this wouldn’t have anything to do with the forthcoming council elections in May would it?

For a start it would help if Coun Dixon and her team of home delivery officers got out and about with the bin wagons and knocked on a few doors of the people who can’t dispose of their rubbish properly (such as putting plastic bags out that the seagulls rip open).

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Anyway as for Mowbray Road Park,OK, there was a problem with druggies, but I still maintains it wasn’t necessary to butcher all the shrubs and bushes. That was akin to cracking a walnut with a sledgehammer, thus creating the need for £40,000 make-over.

And for the record, as a true friend of the park, I do a litter pick first thing in the morning while exercising the border collie. This included for the past few weeks picking up shards of broken glass and squashed tin cans from the tons of polluted soil dumped in the park that replaced the said shrubs and bushes.

To finish, on a lighter note, one of the several discarded Christmas trees had a fun day over Easter as it was seen being pushed on the swings and sliding down the slide in the kiddies playground.

Ken Johnson