Seafront project - more still to do

Readers were asked to have their say regarding South Tynesides multi~million pound seafront project, between Littlehaven and Sandhaven beaches in South Shields, which after an overlong 12 months has finally reached a state of completion.

Well, I would agree with Coun Anglin when he said “It has made the area more open and more accessible as well as improving connectivity between the north and south promenades”.

However I think the installation of concrete benches, spinning cup seats and concrete imprints may not be to everyone’s taste.

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And what about the congregation of litter bins that have appeared, more so than anywhere else in Shields put together?

Meanwhile the crumbling boundary wall of the skating board arena could have done with some attention, never mind the neighbouring dunes of drifted sand that’s formed another right old mess.

And while I’m about it, let’s get to work on the unattractive stretch of land betwix Gandhi’s Temple and Trow rocks. That’s all for now.

Ken Johnson