Sex offender blamed schoolgirl victim for 'ruining his life'

A bitter student shook his head in defiance as he was jailed for having sex with an underage girl he now blames for "ruining his life".

Osazee Eguagie engaged in sexual acts with the 14-year-old teen during two illegal meetings after he started chatting to her over social media.

Within 48-hours of them having unprotected sex, the 22-year-old sent a cruel message explaining he had used her.

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Prosecutor Anne Richardson told Newcastle Crown Court: "Two days later he was in contact, asking about her periods and making it plain he didn't want a child or indeed a relationship, only sex."

The court heard the ordeal has left the "confused" victim severely psychologically traumatised.

Eguagie, of Ashford Close, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to four charges of having sexual activity with a child.

Miss Recorder Caroline Wigin sentenced him to 22 months behind bars, with ten-year sex offender registration and an eight year Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

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The judge told Eguagie she had noted the fact he was shaking his head as she was talking and added: "I have noted, in the pre-sentence report, that you are described as still feeling resentful towards the complainant on the basis she has, in your words, ruined your life.

"The severe aggravating factor in this case is the severe psychological harm you have caused to that complainant."

Miss Richardson told the court the teen had told Eguagie her true age during online conversations but they still arranged to meet.

During their first encounter they engaged in sexual activity while they were outdoors.

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Miss Richardson said: "Clearly, in her statement, although she had not thought anything like this would happen and did not want it to happen, she did not convey this to the defendant.

"The crown does not suggest this is something he would have realised."

The court heard during a second meeting Eguagie had sex twice with the girl after taking her to his friend's flat.

Two days later he told her he wanted "only sex".

The court heard the teenager was "very upset" and confided in her family what had happened, who contacted the police.

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Eguagie was arrested and initially claimed he had "rebuffed" the teen when she made sexual advances towards him.

He pleaded guilty on the day he was due to stand trial before a jury.

Andrew Rutter, defending, said since the offences which were early last year, Eguagie has enrolled and college, worked hard and stayed away from trouble.

Mr Rutter said Eguagie is devastated by the effect his behaviour has had on his deeply christian family and added: "He is not the mature and worldly wise at all, he led a very sheltered life."

Mr Rutter said Eguagie's behaviour since the offence, almost two years ago, has been "exemplary".