Shed load of help to keep families safe from dangerous outhouses

Residents in South Tyneside have received a shed load of help thanks to funding from their local councillors.

Those living in South Tyneside Homes properties in William Street, Cuthbert Street and Caledonian Street, Hebburn, have been helped by a scheme funded by the Hebburn Community Area Forum to replace 14 brick outhouses, which were structurally unsound, with safer storage.

The scheme was introduced in response to residents’ concerns regarding the major structural repairs the outhouses needed.

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As part of the scheme, residents were provided with new low maintenance sheds with plastic roofs to use for storage instead of their outhouses.

Work is now under way to demolish the outhouses, which have deteriorated.

A robot is being used to demolish them to ensure that they are dismantled safely without any risk of injury and to cause as little disruption as possible.

The removal of the outhouses will also create a clear line of sight between the properties to enhance the sense of security for residents.

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Coun Richard Porthouse, chairman of the Hebburn Community Area Forum, said: “I am delighted that the demolition of these outhouses is now under way. It was vital that the safety of our residents was addressed and that they were provided with new storage facilities.

“This scheme will not only provide a safer environment for residents but will improve the overall appearance of their homes and alleviate their concerns.”

Coun Adam Ellison, said: “This scheme has been in progress for a number of months and we are glad that the demolition of the outhouses has now begun.

“We have been able to addressed residents’ concerns and provided them with alternative storage which is both secure and long lasting.”