Shields Gazette Letter of the week: 'Motorists make up their own rules after passing their driving test'

I read with interest the '˜Views From Social Media' in the Gazette of Thursday, October 11, regarding driving standards within South Tyneside and I am sad to say that a good deal of the comments are quite valid.

Recent roadworks in South Shields's John Reid Road.
Recent roadworks in South Shields's John Reid Road.

Lindisfarne roundabout gets a mention and this, along with the roundabout at the end of the John Reid Road and the stretch of the A194 between the two, suffers from a lack of understanding of and/or respect for the road markings since the completion of the roadworks when the road layout and lane markings were changed.

A number of drivers completely ignore the new layout, demonstrating poor lane discipline along with a lack of use of mirrors and signals.

One comment I do take issue with is Mr Kirkwood’s closing sentence: “It’s also the driving schools the way they teach people."

Last week's Letter of the week: "Still right to call former Coventry City chairman Jimmy Hill a cheat" As a driving instructor myself, I would like to question Mr Kirkwood’s foundation for this remark and what evidence he has to support it.

As driving instructors we train learner drivers to drive to the standard required by the DVSA and in doing so this enables them to demonstrate to a driving examiner that they are competent and safe on the roads.

In my opinion problems arise after the completion of this process when some drivers decide to start making up their own rules rather than sticking with what they have been taught.

Phil Crowell.