Shields scout is in 7th heaven

You'll remember that local scouting volunteer Jack White recently shone a light on the South Tyneside Scout District.

Old scouting document.
Old scouting document.

He explained that the district now serves the borough area of South Tyneside, following a merger in 1997 of the South Shields and Jarrow Districts.

His articles, highlighting the renewed popularity of scouting on South Tyneside, attracted a great deal of interest among members young and old alike – and revealed something Jack was unaware of, as the dedicated 19-year-old reveals.

“Thanks for the articles in the Gazette, getting loads of feedback.

“The feedback that was particularly interesting involved my article whereby I said that the 7th South Shields Scout Group dates back 50 years or so.

“My own Group Scout Leader, Darryn Finlay, presented documents showing that our group actually dates back to 1921. So it has certainly started a good conversation in our own group.”

During the years, thousands of young South Tyneside boys (and in recent times, young girls) will have passed through the ranks of Baden Powell’s popular movement, so it would be great to hear from any of them.

Whether you had an especially adventurous time at scout camp or a particularly motivational leader, it would be great to share your story with Time Of Our Lives readers.

Someone who did just that, but on a totally different subject, was Jacqueline Lloyd, who got in touch following the publication recently of a street in Hebburn.

She writes: “Referring to the picture of Hebburn in the Shields Gazette, the street is not Station Road but Tennant Street.

“The shops right to left are:– on the corner, a second hand furniture shop, if memory serves me right, the Newton Pharmacy was also known as Haytor’s Chemists.

“Then there was Perry’s, the grocer, and the Cooperative Butchers shop.

“W & R Brown was a hardware store, then last on the picture was Holt’s, the pork butcher, which became an ordinary butcher’s shop owned by Dick Foster.

“Hope this is of some use.”

It certainly is Jacqueline, as ever all your feedback is much appreciated.

Meanwhile, Norman Dunn has contacted me, asking if I will let readers know about two new books which are being produced, one of which is about Hebburn.

Norman says: “I am hoping you can do me a small favour which will also make a story for your nostalgia page.

“A really good friend, Barry Cram, an amateur Hebburn historian (as was his dad) has teamed up with a Jarrow historian, and they are producing two books.

“One of the books is about the streets of Hebburn and the other the streets of Jarrow.

“At first Barry wasn’t going to put images in the book, apart from the front cover, but I told him that he needs old images in it, as people expect it.

“I am hoping you can give Barry’s book a ‘plug’ if possible.”

I’d love to do just that. So Barry, if you or your publisher will get in touch with more details, I can let readers known when and where they can buy copies of the books.

Just give me a shout via the usual contact details.