Sink hole opens on cliffs near Souter Lighthouse

Dramatic pictures show a deep sink hole which has opened up on Souter Cliffs earlier today.

Saturday, 9th March 2019, 2:28 pm
Updated Saturday, 9th March 2019, 3:33 pm
Sink hole opened on Souter Cliffs. Picture by Ian Richardson

A cordon is currently in place around the sinkhole which was discovered earlier today.

It is understood the National Trust, who own the site, is aware of the sink hole and taken precautionary action to block off the pathway.

Marty estimates the whole is up to 12ft deep. Picture by Marty Bloomfield

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The sink hole opened up south of the Souter Lighthouse and is on the footpath used by walkers and joggers along the cliff edge.

Martin Bloomfield, known as Marty, said: "I walk their most days and this morning my dog, Alfie, ran straight up to it.

"At first I thought it was just a mount of earth.

"I didn't get too close but it looked like it was possibly 12ft deep maybe more."

Sink hole opened on Souter Cliffs. Picture by Ian Richardson

The owner of Circurama said: "I told the office at the lighthouse and they were sending someone down.

"I was just really concerned someone was going to get caught out but it. It's wide enough you could fall down it.

"I'm just glad that there's some tape up now and people will be able to spot it."

Picture by Marty Bloomfield