Six out of 10 North East married women unhappy with their sex lives

Women across Tyne and Wear are moaning and groaning '“ but for all the wrong reasons.
A woman who is unhappy with her sex life.A woman who is unhappy with her sex life.
A woman who is unhappy with her sex life.

New research has revealed that 61% of women in our region, who have been married for more than five years, are “dissatisfied” with the amount of sex they’re getting.

Figures released by, the UK’s leading dating website for married people, also revealed that 58% of women are unhappy with their partner’s performance in bed.

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The website surveyed almost 1,000 of their female members in the region, who have been with their husbands for five or more years, to find out how satisfied they were with the intimate side of their marriage.

The survey also found that 48% of women felt that a lack of action between the sheets has led them to want to have an affair.

Spokesperson for, Christian Grant, said: “It doesn’t make for good reading. You’ll often find that, as a relationship goes on the spark slowly starts to fade, and getting intimate can become more of a chore or force of habit.

“Evidently however, for many women that simply isn’t enough, and you can’t really blame them.”

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As to how much counts as ‘enough’,’s survey found that 40% of respondents felt that getting intimate at least three times a month was sufficient. 8% felt that once a month was enough, while 32% want to have sex twice a month. Of the remaining 20%, 9% want to get intimate two to three times a week, with 3% stating that more than once a week was enough.

The survey also showed that a lack of intimacy could potentially lead to many women cheating on their husbands, with 48% of respondents touting the poor physical side to their relationship as their main reason or joining

Christian added: “Needless to say, a lack of passion in a relationship, whether that’s down to quality or quantity, could very easily prove to be a major stumbling block.

“Saying ‘hey honey, you’re not quite good enough where it counts’ isn’t an easy thing for any woman to say to her husband, but at the same time, very few people will sit around and refuse to act on their instincts – they’re only human, after all.”