Smart choices will help you keep fit while on holiday

Most schools have now finished for the summer, and a lot of people are jetting off on holiday.

You can stay fit while having fun with your family.
You can stay fit while having fun with your family.

Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or exploring a new city, a time out from the normal routine can be great thing.

But it can also make it tough to stay fit – all those meals out and indulging in a few (or a lot) cocktails doesn’t exactly help either.

All that fun means you might return home feeling less than refreshed.

The good news is feeling healthy during and post-holiday is totally possible.

Making just a few smart choices will keep you active and energised and help you get the most out of that holiday – and looking forward to the next one.

Eat Well

l Eat before the airport. Get a nice, big, healthy meal in your belly before you get to the airport to avoid having to eat in the fast food restaurants. If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to eat before you leave, then choose the healthier options in the airport.

l Watch out for jet lag. Adjusting to a new time zone might make you hungry at odd hours. Resist the urge to snack at 4am and wait for normal meal times instead (or choose a healthy snack, like a handful of nuts, to tide you over).


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l Plan your stops in advance. If you’re driving to your getaway, plan where and when you’ll be stopping for meals before hitting the road. It’ll give you more flexibility when choosing a healthier restaurant – or figuring out the best options. And of course, pack your own healthy snacks to enjoy on the trip!

l Indulge in moderation. If you’re visiting somewhere like Italy, it would be a sin not to try some fresh Italian pasta or stone baked pizza. Indulging in those things is fine. On days you’ll be indulging more than usual, try to keep other meals and snacks on the healthy side.

l Use a smaller plate. If you’re going on an all-inclusive holiday with buffet style meals, it can be hard to resist trying everything. Use a small plate to encourage smaller portions. Put the salad and veggies on your plate first.

l Beware of drinks. A single cocktail can contain loads of sugar (and calories). You can’t deny yourself of a few drinks on holiday, but try choosing the lower calorie and less sugary drinks.


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l See the sights. On foot or bike, that is. Skip the bus tours and check out your new surroundings the old-fashioned way to burn calories while taking in the views.

l Take the stairs. Instead of taking the lift, stay active and walk the stairs. Whether it’s at the hotel, or while out sightseeing.

l Embrace your surroundings. If you’re at the beach, try doing the usual workout routine on the sand instead of indoors. A change of scenery can give you a good boost!


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l Be adventurous. Break out of your comfort zone and use your holiday as an excuse to try a new, fun activity. Whether it’s rock climbing, sailing, or paddle boarding, challenge yourself to try something different while you’re away.

l Check out the facilities first. Make it easy to squeeze in workout time by booking a hotel with a gym or pool.

l Exercise anywhere. Bodyweight exercises can be done anywhere and require zero equipment. Try a workout like the 7 Minute Ab Blast.



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l Keep work away. It’s a holiday, remember? Resist the urge to check work e-mails and focus on having fun. It will keep your mind clear and allow you to relax and de-stress.

l Get the most out of your time off. Doing activities that you enjoy, keeping your cell mobile off, and sharing time with friends and family (or alone time) ensure that you’ll make the most of every single minute of your holiday.