Snow warning for North East England as UK heads into 'coldest night of the year'

Sub-zero temperatures are expected to hit parts of Britain overnight as the country prepares for snow.
There are weather warnings in place across the country.There are weather warnings in place across the country.
There are weather warnings in place across the country.

A number of weather warnings have been issued by the Met Office - including a Yellow alert for snow in the North East.

The warning is currently set to run tomorrow from 3am until 3pm. Forecasters have also warned that some roads and railways could be affected by the weather.

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Temperatures are expected to hit -1°C in the early hours of Friday - and it won't get any warmer than 3°C across the region.

Parts of Scotland are expected to go below -13°C tonight, while the white stuff is forecast to cover the East Midlands, North West and Yorkshire tomorrow.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxey also warned the country could see the "coldest night of the year so far" before snow blankets parts of the country.

"The coldest temperature we have seen this year is minus- 13°C in Scotland, and we are likely to see temperatures slightly below that," she added.

"But we are not talking about those extremes in the town and city centres, it is out in rural areas, more exposed areas, particularly over lying snow where you see temperatures drop the most."