'Snowflake generation is now complete!': 20 things you said about bid to start school at 10am

Gazette readers have given short shrift to a petition demanding that schools start at the later time of 10am because teenagers are too tired to learn any earlier.

By Gary Welford
Wednesday, 13 February, 2019, 16:08
180,000 people have backed a petition asking for a later start time for schools.

More than 180,000 people signed the petition, which was launched by pupil Hannah Kidner, who claimed teenagers are “so tired due to having to wake up very early to get to school”.

MPs will now debate the issue after it received thousands of signatures.

Scientists have said there is some merit in pupils starting school later.

The idea has previously been supported by scientists, with research suggesting adolescents in particular have a late-running biological rhythm.Related: Thousands back petition for schools to start at 10am because ‘teenagers are too tired’

But the majority of readers who commented on the issue via the Shields Gazette's Facebook page aren't convinced a later start to the school day would have a positive impact on learning - or prepare youngsters for the world of work.

Here's what they said:

Vince Olsen: "What happens when they start a real job? Can I start at 10am because I’m tired on a morning?"

Many people said youngsters shouldn't stay up so late playing games and on social media, then they wouldn't be so tired.

Emma Choudhury: "Some studies suggest that if students start school an hour later it could improve their concentration and make them less sleepy in class. Seriously? I have to go to work six days a week. They'll have a big shock when they start work."

Gordon William Allen: "There is no magic formula here. If you need more sleep, go to bed earlier..... Switch off the phones and PCs."

Lisa Simpson: "What a joke. Just go to bed earlier like the rest of us instead of staying up until all hours watching Netflix and playing on social media. Let's hope parliament don't take this one seriously."

Ray Pritchard: "Snowflake generation is now complete!"

Lianne Douglas: "What about parents having to get to work?"

Leanne Michelle: "I leave for work at 7am ... wish I could ring my boss and give the excuse that I was too tired so they need to change the working hours."

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Mark Morris: "Send them to bed earlier and take all mobile devices off them."

Col Suddick: "Bring the start time forward an hour, that'll give them something to think about."

Mo White: "OMG whatever next? How on earth is this giving them discipline to get up for a job? How on earth did we survive!"

Damian Pearce: "Lazy, spoilt, pampered, disrespectful generation."

Nigel Banks: "What about the discipline in getting used to getting up early so that you'rr ready for the big world? School doesn't last forever. You will need to go to work like the majority of the world and the excuse of being knackered probably won't cut the cloth."

Michael Griffin: "Society is in reverse. The children are taking control, and the parents are doing as they are told. Heaven help us all."

Wayne Gilliss: "I suspect many parents wouldn't want to leave a teenager at home by themselves to get up and ready for school whilst they go to work."

Janet Burn: "Ahh, what a shame.Don't stay up all night on mobiles etc. When you actually become an adult and start work you be getting up a lot earlier to get to work on time. Welcome to the real world."

John Charles: "Can't wait to tell my boss, I'm sure he will let me start an hour later so I can take kids to school - and I will be better as a worker for doing so."

Iris Walls: "If they got to bed in good time they’d be fine for getting up next morning. Blame phones/tablets etc."

Alan Young: "Poor darlings. Heaven help them when they get in the real world. 6am shift will really upset them."

There were a minority who thought the idea has its merits:

Wayne Lamport: "So much ignorance here. If people decided to do some research then they would find out why this is a good idea. Teens would benefit largely from starting school an hour later. There’s a lot of evidence in research to suggest that teens would benefit and do better in school if they started later and finished later. Most adults would have wanted the same when they were younger, but now you’re all mostly bitter and jealous of what teens have these compared to what we had."

Taylor Ashleigh Brown totally agree I never woke up properly till about 10am in school and I used to get up 6 every morning.