South Shields company takes on international training role

A South Tyneside company which devised innovative safety testing equipment has welcomed international workers to its site to train in its use.

Tyne and Wear Marine Ltd (TWM) answered a call to devise bollard load-testing equipment after spotting a gap in the market.

Following two years of research, development, manufacturing and testing, the company came up with a solution to test for the safe working load of marine mooring bollards and surrounding structure.

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The work was carried out when an inquiry in 2012 from the Port of Tyne testing the integrity of the bollards – used to secure vessels alongside jetties and harbours – found there was nothing on the market to meet its client need. Following the development of the portable testing equipment, which went on to win industry awards, the company formed associated company, Bollard Load Testing Ltd (BLT) to deal with the multiple projects across the UK in ports, harbours and shipyards.

The company has since welcomed people to its base, on the Port of Tyne Trading Estate in Tyne Dock, for training in its use, including workers from Nigeria’s Tiger Shipping company.

During their stay, the group trained in the set-up and use of the equipment, care and day-to-day/preventative maintenance, and how to use it safely and competently in both simulation testing and real situations leading to certification that bollards are fit for purpose.

Gill Main, business development manager at the two companies, said: “It is always good to promote successful developments in business in our region and after the recent EU Referendum and political events, there will never be a better time to share success toward building our confidence that there is a big wide world out there waiting for our services.

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“Bollard Load Testing Ltd and its associated Tyne and Wear Marine Ltd is very proud that the world attracting bollard load-testing equipment is an innovation of South Shields and created by its local people.”

The completion of the training now means BLT Ports and Marine Services Ltd based in Lagos, Nigeria is the first licensed service contractor supported by Bollard Load Testing Ltd in the UK.

The newly-formed BLT Ltd has already employed people and is seeking to expand upon this as demand for its testing service, and equipment manufacture at its South Shields base increases.