South Shield's '˜evil' parrot and monkey

It seems clear to me that if you had the chance to physically walk down memory lane (or street), Frederick Street, in South Shields would be up there with the pick of them.
Frederick Street, November 1988.Frederick Street, November 1988.
Frederick Street, November 1988.

For you certainly miss some of the shops there as your postings on Facebook make clear.

Julie Craig took to social media to say: “I used to be a Saturday girl in Hossners the bakers, loved it back in 1979” while Elizabeth Carr singled out the haberdashery. “As a child I would stand there amazed at everything packed into a tiny shop,” she recalls.

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Joyce Richardson reveals her favourite shop was “Axelbands and Smiths furniture store and Shanes, loved shopping in Frederick Street” as did Isabelle Taylor who “used to like Hammonds, Shanes and Axelbands. All good shops, and Shar Jan curry was good too!”

Edna Nicholas Garbutt was also keen on Axlebands, saying: “Got all my baby things there.”

Pets shops also stirred vivid memories, with Ray Abdulla extolling the virtues of “Olsen’s the pet shop.”

Marc Scott said;” The pet shop was unreal” while Clare Latersbaby May remembered “The pet shop with the evil parrot in it” and Kerry Yannetta recalls “Olsen’s pet shop, they had a monkey!” Peter Lowdon also chose Olsen’s pet shop as his favourite shop, adding: “All of them.”

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Neil C Nilsson also listed the pet shop (along with The Bobby Shop) as did Wayne Parkinson who talked about: “The pet shop with the parrot”

There were similar sentiments from Viv Marley, who posted: “The whole street was a great shopping area, you could get just about anything!” while Michelle Whale added: “The street was just fantastic as there was everything you needed. They catered for everyone ... choices ... choices.”

Lorraine Mills made mention of Fiksen jewellers and gift shop. “It belonged to my uncle, and I remember spending many a happy Saturday helping out,” she said.

Another jewellers sparked the memory of Gloria Garland Davidson who flagged-up: “Smith sons the jewellers, got my ears pierced there when I was 13 years old, that was 54 years ago, my how the place has changed.”

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Jill Carr took to Facebook to say: “I liked Lewins, they always had nice house things in there” while Sue Wade was a fan of Olsen’s Pet Shop,The Handy Shop and the Curiosity Shop.

Pauline Clouston told us that: “Hammonds was a lovely shop” while Dianne Grantham’s favourite shop was Martin Shanes.

Rob Adair Aggas enjoyed visiting Alan Brown Photography, the Hobby Shop and Olsen’s while Linda Robinson championed: “Shane’s and Fashionware and Axlebands.”

When it comes to places to eat Linda Topping suggested Shane’s and Porrettas for their savoury dip as did Linda Bannon who said: “Porrettas’ strawberry milk shake and savoury dip were my favourite” along with Lee Chow who wrote: “Porrettas’ savoury dips, unreal” while Adrienne Arthur added “Porettas was a great ice cream parlour, loved it” along with Dawn Jolly. Karl Kennedy enjoyed “the sweet shop on the corner” while Gary Ford suggested: “Carrs the butcher.” Valerie Maclean’s favourite was Cracketts: “Never lived if you didn’t go in there.” Did you? What are your top ten shops?