South Shields pastor launches Thank You project to help change lives

“Thank You!”

Wednesday, 22nd May 2019, 3:30 pm
Pastor Joseph is asking people to join his Thank You project.

These are the two simple words which a South Shields pastor is hoping will help change the borough for the better.

Pastor Joseph Possibility Omoragbon, who leads the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Bethel Place, South Shields, has launched the ‘Thank You Project’.

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It’s his mission to help South Tyneside turn into a happier, healthier, and more respectful place, for everyone to live.

He said: “Our vision is to build a happier and healthier society, it’s just two little words, which people don’t seem to say that much these days.

“They’re free, they don’t cost, anyone can say them - it’s the cheapest way to give thanks and one of the most effective ways too.

“It’s our mission to once again install a thank you culture in people.”

Pastor Joseph said the gratitude of giving thanks, and the positive effects it creates, has long been documented in the bible.

He said: “Thousands of years ago, Jesus healed 10 lepers and only one came back to say thank you. He then asked, ‘Did I not heal ten lepers?. Where are the nine?’.”

“He later rewarded the grateful leper by making his skin fresh like that of a new born baby, while the skin of the nine ungrateful lepers were covered with scars.”

However, it’s not just about showing appreciation, saying thank you has a number of other benefits says the pastor, who lives with his wife and family in the town.

These include feeling more loving, forgiving, joyful and enthusiastic.

It makes you healthier physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, plus there’s claims it can also make people have a better night’s sleep as they’re feeling happier and more content.”

Pastor Joseph added: “We are hoping to start seminars and also go into local schools to deliver assemblies on the project.

“I am asking people to try and say thank you to just five people every day, even if it’s just for a small thing, give thanks.

“I’d also like people to keep a journal to note down and be reminded for what they are thankful for.”

The church is always looking for donations for its food bank and Sunday soup kitchen, plus cash for its projects.

Anyone who can help should pop along to the church.

Pastor Joseph is currently on a mission to create washing facilities for the homeless.