South Shields Super 6 Darts League Division One leaders Kennedys A see off Voyagre Bl

Division One leaders Kennedys A hosted Voyager B who surprised the hosts after Eddie Kimber x18 (36) and Rob Purvis x20 (40) gave them an early 2-0 lead.

Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 1:54 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 2:58 pm

The hosts bounced back to lead 4-2 as Ernie Hudson x10 (40), Brian Abdou x10 (20), Ernie Hudson x16 (94) and Norman Davison x1 (4) replied.

Jeff Gibson x8 (25) made it 5-2 when he beat Graham Patterson, with team-mate Brian Abdou x16 (86) also winning against Rob Purvis

Eddie Kimber x5 (20) pulled a leg back as he beat Derek Gibson, however, an excellent 16-dart leg by Ernie Hudson x8 (16) against Steven Paul gave Kennedys the victory.

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Keegan Cairns x16 (32) pulled a leg back as he beat Stevie Armstrong. A win for Norman Davison x8 (27) over Mike Slight made the final score Kennedys A 8 Voyager B 4.

Second played fourth as the Westoe Bar hosted Wouldhave.

Scores were level as the hosts won the first triples and first and second pairs, Paul Johnson x2 (4), x2 (4) and Davey Johnson x12 (24) finishing.

Warrick Rochester x10 (20), Davey Richardson x8 (41) and Warrick Rochester x20 with an excellent 111 finish, replied.

Paul Johnson x20 (55) hit an 18-dart leg against John Ramsay, with team-mate Keith Nicholson x5 (20) also winning against Davie Mochan (180).

Scores were soon level as Kevin Brooks (180) x1 (2) beat Chris Blacklock and Davey Whitehead x5 (10) beat Davey Johnson.

David Barnes x20 (40) gave the hosts a 6-5 lead when beating Davey Richardson and secured the victory when Peter Bassett x5 (20) beat Warrick Rochester, the score finishing Westoe Bar 7 Wouldhave 5.

Third-placed Westoe Room Originals were hosted by Trimmers Arms and led 2-0 as Gary Thompson x10 (20) and x1 (2) hit both doubles.

James Coffey x1 (2) pulled a leg back, however, it was soon 5-1 as Peter Buglass x5 (10), John McManemy x18 (54) and Dean Apes x2 (4) finished.

Peter Buglass x9 (36) hit an 18-dart leg against

Willie Smyllie. Shaun Wilson x16 (39) made it 6-2 as he beat Gary Thompson (180).

John McManemy x10 (20) secured the victory as he beat Keith Tinmouth.

It was soon 7-4 as Shaun Wilson x4 (8) beat Alain Tame and James Coffey x1 (2) beat Lenny Stephenson. The last leg went the visitors way as Dean Apes x10 (20) beat Chris Scurfield to make the final score Trimmers Arms 4 Westoe Room Originals 8.

Fifth-placed Vigilant Inn hosted sixth-placed Bridge Hotel and it was the visitors who raced into a 6-0 lead.

Alan Shaw x1 (2), Bernie Massingham x13 (26), Douglas Hart x20 (40), Ian Jowsey x16 (42), Bernie Massingham x9 (18) and Michael Roberts x10 (60) finishing.

Stan Elliott x16 (48) got the Vigilant on the board as he beat Alan Shaw, however, a win for Ian Jowsey x8 (16) against David Graham secured the Bridge’s victory.

Bob Compton hit an excellent 118 finish on double tops as he beat Bernie Massingham to pull back another leg with team-mate Colin Drake x7 (14) also winning against Douglas Hart .

Chris Ward x8 (16) beat Harry Faulkner and Michael Roberts x8 (16) beat Billy Keenan. The final score finished Vigilant Inn 3 resurgent Bridge Hotel 9.

Steamboat hosted Legion Bar with the latter taking a 1-0 lead as George Coser x1 (2) finished.

The Steamboat, however, soon led 5-1 as Brian Booth x2 (4), Dean Elstob x10 (40), Brian Booth x1 (2), Derek Hardie x2 (4) and Dean Elstob x9 (32) replied.

Colin Hume x8 (32) beat Brian Booth to pull a leg back.

Brian Clifford x10 (20) restored the four-leg lead when beating Phil Young.

Jackie Stephenson x3 (6) made it 6-3 with a win over Derek Hardie before Chris Allen (180) x8 (32) beat George Coser to secure the extra points.

The last two legs went the visitors way as Stephen Tate x1 (2) beat Dean Elstob and Neil Drummond x10 (40) beat John Green to make the final score Steamboat 7 Legion Bar 5.

The final match in Division One featured Buzzers at home to the Prince.

The hosts started strongly a led 5-1, Liam Wasmuth x16 (89), John Bird x16 (32), Liam Wasmuth x20 (40), Davey Bell x2 (4) and Paul Hawthorne x20 (40) finishing with Gary Thorius x20 (40) replying.

Four straight legs for the visitors levelled the scores at 5-5 as Gary Thorius x20 (40) beat David Bell, Martin Auty x10 (20) beat John Bird, Carl Thoburn x20 (40) beat Paul Hawthorne and Brian Rogerson x1 (2) beat James Main.

Liam Wasmuth x8 (16) made it 6-5 to the hosts as he beat Chris Coulson, however, a win for Joe Clark x20 (53) against Darren Franks made the final score Buzzers Sports Bar 6 Prince Edward A 6.

In Division Two, leaders Boldon Lad hosted fifth placed Green Baize A and at 6-0 were comfortable leaders.

Paul Lambert Jr x1 (5), Paul Lambert Sr x8 (16), Eddie Gutteridge x16 (50), Brian McKenna x5 (10), Paul Lambert Jr x20 (40) and Vince Badger x5 (10) finished.

Albert Watson x10 (20) got the Baize lads on the

board as he beat Paul Lambert Sr however a win for Brian McKenna x1 (2) against Doug Elliott secured the extra points

Dean Wilson x10 (20) on debut beat Paul Lambert Jr to pull another leg back, however, team-mate Gavin Lee Simpson Jr was beaten by Eddie Gutteridge x1 (2). Vince Badger x4 (16) won against Paul Ali and team-mate Steve Cavanagh x8 (16) also won against Doug Fontaine The match finished Boldon Lad 10 Green Baize A 2.

Second-placed Cranny were visitors to the Ensign and led 3-0, Mark Stephenson with an excellent 121 finish on double 14, Brett Sykes x1 (2) and Chris Stephenson x2 (4) finishing.

Stewart Henderson x16 (51) pulled a leg back before Chris Stephenson x7 (14) finished again.

The last pairs went to the hosts as Davey Johnson x16 (32) finished.

Stewart Henderson x7 (14) beat Steven Adams to make it 4-3 with Kenny Gray x16 (32) also winning against Brett Sykes to level.

Mark Harrison x15 (45) restored the Cranny lead against Connor Jary with team-mate Chris Stephenson x3 (6) making it 6-4 against Peter Goodsir.

Dean Adamson x1 (60) pulled a leg back against Mark Stephenson with team-mate Davey Johnson x11 (22) also winning against Andrew Hansen. The final score finished White Ensign 6 Cranny 6.

Prince Edward B had the chance to close in on Cranny in second as they hosted Morgans and led 4-2 going into the singles as they won the first triples and all the pairs legs, Stevie Hale x10 (20), Mark Sleightholme x10 (20), Stevie Hale x16 (32) and Chris Allen x1 (2) finishing.

John MacMillan x5 (10) and Jamie McNaney x7 (26)


John Elliott x16 (32) made it 4-3 as he beat Chris Hughes however Mark Sleightholme x20 (65) beat Dean Ford to restore the two-leg lead.

Paul Gilmour x12 (24) won against Stevie Hale to pull Morgans within a leg only for Stevie Buckett x16 (32) to beat Paul Elliott to make it 6-4.

Davey Boulter x3 (6) then secured the victory as he beat Jamie McNaney with team-mate Chris Allen x1 (2) also winning against John MacMillan. The match finished Prince Edward B 8 Morgans 4 to reduce the deficit to a single point in the promotion race.

Mariner were visitors to the County and pulled the score back to 2-2 after trailing 2-0, Daniel Betts x8 (16) and Alfie Maine x16 (50) finishing. Ray Patrick x11 (22) and Shaun Clements x1 (3) finished for the hosts.

Carl Costello x5 (10) gave the County a 3-2 lead however Mike Murrell x5 (10) levelled.

Alfie Maine x20 (60) gave the Mariner the lead when beating Danny Hurst only for the County to win the next five singles to secure the win.

Shaun Clements x16 (32) beat Steven Dee, Ray Patrick x20 (40) beat Leigh Betts, Carl Costello x8 (16) beat Daniel Betts, Callum Costello x4 (8) beat Billy Jordan and Alan Hoare x20 (60) beat Mike Murrell, the final score finishing County Hotel 8 Mariner 4.

The match between Voyager A and Marsden Inn is postponed leaving Harton &Westoe Nomads to face Red Hackle B in the final match.

The hosts trailed 5-1 after Tommy Purvis x10 (72) secured the first pairs. Aaron Fontaine x19 (38), Ray Pearce x15 (30), Michael Overend x1 (2), Ronnie Stidolph x18 (36) and Michael Overend x1 (2) replied.

Ray Pearce x3 (12) then made it 6-1 as he beat David Smith however wins for Tommy Purvis x2 (4) against Ian Kelly and Billy Trump x2 (5) over Ronnie Stidolph made the score 6-3.

Stephen Jones x15 (30), however, secured the extra points as he beat John Bennett.

Eddie Wetherill x8 (16) beat Aaron Fontaine to pull a leg back, however, the last leg was won by Micky Overend x2 (4) as he beat Dave Stothard to make the final score Harton & Westoe Nomads 4 Red Hackle B 8.

ORA Projects League Cup Round 05 fixtures for Monday 20 June:

Group One: Morgans v Green Baize A; Kennedys A v White Ensign; Trimmers Arms v Cranny.

Group Two: Westoe Room Originals v Boldon Lad; Buzzers Sports Bar v Harton & Westoe Nomads; Prince Edward B v Westoe Bar.

Group Three: Steamboat v Wouldhave; Vigilant Inn v Voyager B; Voyager A v Mariner.

Group Four: Legion Bar v Marsden Inn; Bridge Hotel v Prince Edward A; County Hotel v Red Hackle B.