South Tyneside '˜angels' to be rebranded in a bid to help thousands more people

A host of potential '˜angels' are flying high after their lifesaving group has started to spread its wings.
Cliffs at Marsden in South Shields.Cliffs at Marsden in South Shields.
Cliffs at Marsden in South Shields.

Cliff Angels - a support group to help vulnerable people on the cliffs at South Shields - was launched in the summer by Kirk Wilson.

Mr Wilson created the group after teenager Chirelle Calder fell to her death from the cliffs at Marsden in South Shields.

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So far, 3,860 people have joined the group - which aims to buy a bus which can patrol and be parked up in the coastal area with volunteers to offer people support and advice.

At the weekend the group’s first fundraiser was held at Mariners Park and generated £1,200 for the cause - and a further £700 was raised at South Shields FC’s derby against North Shields.

Another £500 was handed over by Natalie Lascelles, who runs the Rosiefest Festival, and Chirelle’s parents also contributed £300.

Mr Wilson says there are now a number of plans in store for the group - including a name change.

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He said: “It’s been an amazing few weeks for us. We are going to be launching a website and app which will be available to thousands of people called Talking Angels.

“Anyone suffering from any mental health related issues can register on site and app and get instant help and support privately.

“The app and site would allow people to chat privately with trained mental health professionals and also this will have links to local crisis team numbers and support groups. “

Meanwhile messages of praise have been flooding in for Brian Marshall, who helped save a teenage boy who fell from the cliffs on Thursday.

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Mr Marshall had been fishing on Camel’s Island when he spotted an abandoned bike at about 7pm.

His quick-thinking enabled emergency services to winch the 17-year-old to safety before being taken to the RVI for treatment for broken legs.

Patricia Thompson said: “Well done you’re a star.”

Irene Egglestone added: “Good job you were there, somebody’s bairn safe, all because of you.”