South Tyneside anti-bullying charity reveals shock figures

New figures have revealed only one in three people in the region have never fallen victim to bullies, according to a South Tyneside-based charity.
South Tyneside Against Bullying founder Callum CarrSouth Tyneside Against Bullying founder Callum Carr
South Tyneside Against Bullying founder Callum Carr

The shock statistics follow a survey by South Tyneside Against Bullying which found 73% of people had experienced verbal attacks.

The figures also revealed face to face bullying is double that of cyberbullying, with 90% of bullying occurring in schools.

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Charity founder Callum Carr, said: “We conducted the survey to understand the scale of the problem in the region and also to better inform our services.

“While there has been a focus on cyber bullying, it is clear that in person bullying is the greatest issue and more services are needed to support those experiencing it.

“With the affects being so severe, people need to know they are not alone and there are people they can talk to.”

The survey found 72% of people suffered from anxiety due to bullying while 32% said they had suicidal thoughts.

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Other findings include 47% have experienced physical bullying, one in five have experienced homophobic bullying and one in ten have experienced racial bullying.

Callum added: “With 23% admitting that despite being bullied themselves they went on to bully others more needs to be done to support and educate individuals on the affects of bullying. South Tyneside Against Bullying is focusing heavily and investing further into our crisis support service and educational programme’s throughout 2017.

“However I feel local authorities across the region need to be challenged on their support services and networks and that councils across the region need to invest more funding and resources in order to reduce bullying.”

The online survey was carried out between February and March 2017 with 60 people aged between 10 and 75 responding.

It discovered:

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*64% experienced bullying on a daily basis, 25% experience it on a weekly basis and 11% experience bullying on a monthly basis.

South Tyneside Against Bullying is a non-profit organisation launched in 2013 by teenager Callum Carr,

The charity provides support services including a 24/7 national telephone helpline and international live chat service to those in crisis.

Face to face counselling and representation services for families, young people and adults is also offered.

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The charity also works with primary and secondary schools to deliver educational talks on anti bullying and internet safety in South Tyneside.

For information on South Tyneside Against Bullying visit