South Tyneside council confirms Jarrow park pavilion will be demolished

A dilapidated building in a South Tyneside park is to be demolished in the interests of public safety, despite petitions from campaigners.

Monday, 17th June 2019, 5:00 am
Updated Monday, 17th June 2019, 7:00 am
The derelict Ladies Pavilion, West Park, Jarrow.

Councillors are calling for the derelict bowling pavilion, known as the Ladies’ Pavilion, in West Park, Jarrow to be razed to the ground as soon as possible amid fears that it could be a hazard to anyone attempting to climb in.

“The roof of this single storey building is disintegrating,” said Coun Joan Atkinson, lead member for Area Management and Community Safety.

“With the impending school holidays, current light nights and the ease of access this could be a temptation to children and young people and that’s a risk that is simply too great to ignore.”

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The derelict Ladies Pavilion, West Park, Jarrow.

Campaigners have been keen to try and save the building from demolition. The West Park Community Group (WPCG) has raised £4000 and garnerd an 800-strong petition for their plans to renovate the building, insisting that saving the pavillion – which closed around a decade ago – is vital a long-term community goal.

The group believes the building, which is exposed to the elements due to a damaged roof, could be renovated for £20,000.

Chairwoman Alison Docherty had previously said: “Why knock something down that doesn’t need knocking down when it can be renovated at a fraction of the cost of building something new which we don’t want?

“We want somewhere that we can open up to the public so that people who may feel isolated have somewhere to go.”

The derelict Ladies Pavilion, West Park, Jarrow.

However, the council has confirmed that the high costs of renovation would be prohibitive. As the building will be used by the public, all works would have to meet current building regulation standards and be carried out by registered traders.

Planning is to be submitted and pre-planning approval is expected to be given within 28 days and the building, which was built in the 1960s, should be demolished before the start of the school summer holidays.

CounAtkinson added: “It is simply not practical to refurbish this building and I would urge campaigners to think about the serious risks to public safety this building in its current state poses.”

The derelict Ladies Pavilion, West Park, Jarrow.