South Tyneside criminal who 'kicked and screamed' at police told to keep mouth zipped

The case was heard at South Tyneside Magistrates CourtThe case was heard at South Tyneside Magistrates Court
The case was heard at South Tyneside Magistrates Court
The criminal was told to refrain from swearing and shouting in public after the South Tyneside incident.

A South Tyneside loudmouth who shouted and swore in a street and tried to kick police has been ordered by a court to keep the peace for the next six months.

Kris Riley, 43, became abusive after officers were called to Charles Street, Boldon Colliery, on Monday, May 6, borough magistrates heard.

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Riley, of Simpson Close, also Boldon Colliery, then kicked out as police tried to bundle her into their van, prosecutor Gurjot Kaur said.

Ms Kaur added: “Officers were attending an incident and effectively their attention was drawn to the defendant by her behaviour, and that’s why she appears in custody.

“It’s shouting and swearing in the street, towards the officers and there was some attempt by her to use violence against them which wasn’t successful.

“There was some kicking out when placed in the police van. She has five convictions, with the last being in 2021 but there are offences going back to 2010 and before that.”

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From the dock, Riley admitted a charge of causing a breach of the peace.

John Williams, defending, said: “It’s a breach of the peace that she admits. She accepts to being bound over.

“She been in the cells since 11 o’clock last night for an offence which is not imprisonable.”

Magistrates bound Riley over to keep the peace for six months for the sum of £25 and told her she must refrain from shouting and swearing in public.

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