Teenager wrote off car after driving just six feet

A teenager crashed his best friend's car and landed himself in court after driving it just six feet.

South Tyneside Magistrates Court
South Tyneside Magistrates Court

Scott Green, 19, had been playing video games with at a friend’s home in Newbury Street, South Shields, when he dicided to jump into the driver’s seat as he was leaving.

Paul Anderson, prosecuting, told South Northumbria Magistrates’ Court, “For some reason, Green got into his friend’s Ford Fiesta and started the car which moved forward, crashing into the car in front. In turn this car was pushed into the next parked car.

“The Fiesta was written off.”

Green, of Central Avenue, Whitburn, admitted aggravated vehicle taking during which damage was caused on November 15, last year.

Green appeared in court in custody having been arrested for failing to turn up for the first hearing in his case.

Kate Lewis, defending, said: “This was a stupid prank which went wrong. Mr Green was egged on to some extent by another young man who was present.

“He has been friends with the owner of the Fiesta since they were two-years-old, and the pair are still friends. The other party didn’t want to involve the police, but felt he had to for the insurance claim.

“Mr Green only drove the car for six feet. He is a man of previous character.”

The bench adjourned passing sentence for the preparation of a probation report.