Terraced houses, tin baths and outside toilets

Slugs in the pantry, tin baths and outside toilets were just some of the memories brought to mind by readers who remember living in terraced houses in South Tyneside in days gone by.
The Empress Street/Ellesmere Street area, off Mile End Road, in June 1969.The Empress Street/Ellesmere Street area, off Mile End Road, in June 1969.
The Empress Street/Ellesmere Street area, off Mile End Road, in June 1969.

Prompted by the publication of photos featuring the likes of Alice Street in Time Of Our Lives and on the Gazette’s Facebook page, many of you took to social media with your recollections.

Kath Lambert posted: “Our first rented flat was in St Aidan’s Road, in Shields. No inside water tap in yard, with a shared outside toilet, the old lady upstairs brought up a family of 12 there, and it only had electric light, no sockets, now pulled down, that was 49 years ago.”

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Susan Sinclair said: “Lived in Russell Street, Jarrow, 40 years ago. Had no hot water no bath, outside loo, and one gas fire in the bedroom. The place was freezing, full of damp, and there was slugs in the pantry, ugh!”

Bob Sawicki told Laurence Younger how he recognised one of the pictures as Shakespeare Street, saying: “I lived at number 20 and have not missed it one little bit. It was a dump, cement floor in the scullery, outside toilet, heat, if you sat about two feet from the fire, damp up the walls and frost inside in the winter.”

However, it wasn’t all bad as Ron Galloway explains: “Lacked a lot in terms of luxurious living, it was basic to say the least, but more than made up for with a lot of love from family.”

Adriaan VandeLang also took to Facebook to say: “I grew up at 26 Challner Grove was where the Voyager pub is now. Played on the old Bones buildings and had an outside bog, then moved to Owen Street, which was at top of Stanhope Road. Great memories, street trips to Blackpool, left ya front door open.”

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Tony Geordie Forshaw told how he: “lived in Edwards Street, toilet outside, wash-house outside, no bathroom, but who cared about getting a bath wen you were a kid, lol.”

Julie Hannard Al-khazraji said: “I lived in John Clay Street until I was six, lovely memories. Tin bath and outside toilet!” while Sylvia Brookes posted: “I didn’t live in a terraced house but my great aunt did and she had no bathroom, only a outside loo. They only used the back door, the front door was only used for funerals.” The last word goes to Jeff Lazenby who recalls: “I remember growing up in Eldon Street in the 70s, with outside toilet.”