That David Cameron has got some brass neck, he's jacking it in so that he can let May get on with the job he started, finishing off the working class.

He has left this country in a far worse state than any previous prime minister. Growth is lower than when he took over from Gordon Brown,the national debt is at £555billion, there's more than a million more people using food banks, the lowest level of house building since the 1920's. 300% rise in zero hour contracts. His desire for war has left Libya in a civil war,and a consequence of his action is a rise in Isis, and mass migration to Europe.

But what he will be remembered more than anything else, for immediate political benefit he gambled the country’s future, with the EU referendum, then shamefully mismanaging the remain campaign. Now he has gone off. I just hope the people who voted for him are ashamed of themselves.

Ged Taylor

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