There is a lot at stake

I'm sure most people reading the Government's fight with junior doctors will be appalled with Jeremy Hunt's attitude.

Even though the doctors are supported by most of the public, there’s always some who don’t see the big picture.

This is not just about doctors working a seven-day week as everyone knows they have always have done. It’s the sly and devious way this Government attempts to demonise them. If they succeed next in line will be the rest of the health service, the police, the fire service,and anyone in the work arena.

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Our parents and grandparents fought for the five-day working week and anything above and beyond to be paid at a premium rate. This will affect the time parents have with their children, and trying to get childcare will not only be hard but expensive.

I hope all those working class Tories can understand what there masters are up to.

Ged Taylor