These are the best places to hide Christmas presents from your children

The wait is nearly over for Christmas Day - and while Santa will be dropping off some of the presents while the bairns are in bed, you need to find a place to hide the gifts that you've bought.
Where do you hide the Christmas presents for the kids?Where do you hide the Christmas presents for the kids?
Where do you hide the Christmas presents for the kids?

So what's the best hiding place in your house?

Do you reach for the top of the wardrobe, create a grotto in the spare room or pack them all in the car to take to your mate's house?

Research carried out by Space Station found the top 10 most popular hiding places for parents to put their presents ahead of Christmas morning.

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Vlatka Lake, Marketing Manager at Space Station said: “For many children around the country, Christmas is a very exciting time of year, particularly when it comes to presents.

"We hope our top10 list will help inspire parents who have struggled to keep their children’s gifts a surprise until the big day in the past, and make Christmas day extra special."

Looking for some last-minute inspiration? Here's the list ...

1. On top of the wardrobe (27%)

2. Spare room (23%)

3. Under the bed (22%)

4. Chest of drawers (15%)

5. Loft (14%)

6. Cupboard under the stairs (9%)

7. Airing cupboard (8%)

8. Relative’s house (8%)

9. Suitcase (7%)

10. Garage (5%)

One thousand people were questioned as part of the research.