Think about this vote

I would like to thank Kay Rowham on her recent letter, and I hope a lot of readers saw it.

I would like to pose the question: How can David Cameron be expected to lead negotiations on leaving the European Union when he believes in staying, claiming he has a ‘deal?’

It does not give you much confidence in his ability to do anything, considering his campaign is now claiming in the event that we left the EU our pay would drop by thousands of pounds a year, food prices will rocket, jobs will vanish, the value of our homes be halved, trade would stop, we would be invaded by terrorists, no one would be able to go abroad on holiday, universities would shut, scientists would be unable to work, even World War Three would break out by the end of the year. I often wonder why they never go into detail of how exactly all these situations would arise?

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By remaining inside a unreformed European Union, we will continue to give up large amounts of our rights as a sovereign nation to unelected officials in Brussels.

I think we have no option but to leave, considering the implications further European laws and integration would have on our country.

The EU already has control over vast areas of our society, such as borders, justice, fisheries, farming and VAT to name just a few, and this will only get worse.

The UK has been outvoted every time it has voted against an EU law, and these laws have cost the British taxpayer £2.4b.

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I ask all of you – please give this vote a lot of thought. This might be our last opportunity to put history back onto the right course.

Name withheld