Time to take back control

So just what does Theresa May, Home Secretary, mean when she says that despite all evidence pointing to the obvious to anyone with half an ounce of common sense we do not, and haven't had in the six years of Tory leadership, control of our borders.

Well, in answer to a simple question put to her on the Andrew Marr show Sunday, April 24 whether or not we had the power to refuse entry to the millions of citizens in the European union her response was yes.

Yet another example of how easy politicians find it to lie to the public. The fact that we have the right to refuse entry to anyone trying to enter our country if they have committed rape, murder, or any other serious crime, even though they don’t seem very successful at that, does not constitute control of our borders.

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What we need is the power to control the hundreds of thousands of people flooding in year after year and like it or not the only way we are ever going to be able to put and end to it is to leave Europe.

It’s time we took back control of our country.

M Mcardle