Time to treat us like adults

According to the Prime Minister doomsday will be nigh should the people of Britain vote to leave the EU.

The rhetoric emanating from No 10 is becoming more frantic in its campaign to remain in the EU as the polls indicate that they are neck to neck in the race to the final day of reckoning.

Not content with the remain group saying every pestilence will be showered upon us should we leave the EU, thoughts of the seven plagues upon the Egyptians rears its biblical origins as the talk becomes pure idiocy.

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The remain group tells us that we will be defenceless should we leave the EU. The truth of the matter is that the remain group wants a European Army in which Britain would be forced to join, the aspect of which would be an army commanded by Germany.

Remember the Falklands war?

Where were the French, the Germans, the Italians or the Spanish all members of the EU, when the Argentine forces invaded British territory – did they support us? Not on your life.

The Prime Minister tells us we will be safe in Europe, indeed he tells us as a sovereign state within Europe – how can that be as we will be subject to anything we suggest being vetoed by the other 27 members of the EU?

But let us be frank, without all the threats and scaremongering, we will not be able to rule our own borders. We will not have the right to make our own laws. We will not have the right to decide who can enter our country, and yet the Prime Minister tells us that we are in a reformed Europe.

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What is different now than before he travelled around the capitals apologising that although he was for remaining he had to honour his promise to give the British people the right to decide their future.

Indeed, he went further than that by saying if he did not get what he was asking for he would leave the EU.

Well what did he get? What has changed? The answer is that all he got was a promise to get a temporary break on benefits for those entering the UK. A wishy-washy promise that could be vetoed by other member states.

Is it not time the PM, as suggested in the press, tones down the rhetoric and stops pretending that he’s secured a game-changing deal for Britain, and start treating the electorate like adults?

George Howe