Tracing history of South Tyneside parades and carnivals

A South Shields production company is reminding readers that there's still time to see an exhibition, being staged in town, that recalls events that used to 'bring the whole community together'.

A parade passing  Bollinbroke Street Drill Hall during the First World War.
A parade passing Bollinbroke Street Drill Hall during the First World War.

The History of Parades and Carnivals in the North East exhibition is being staged at the South Shields Museum and tells the tale of an almost forgotten era.

Organised by South Shields production company, Creative Seed, and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, it examines the history and social impact of the parades and marches which were once held regularly across the region.

Troops passing by the Marine School during the First World War.

These included everything from village carnivals in the small communities to the large miners’ galas which would see whole towns turn out into the streets to enjoy the party.


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Creative Seed has spent several months researching and compiling memories of this almost-forgotten era, and the exhibition features a collection of photos and video footage of these parades, some of which date back to decades

“It’s been a very exciting journey for us, and we’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and hear some fantastic stories,” said Garner Harris, director at Creative Seed.

The exhibition will run at the museum until July 29, before moving on to a number of community centres cross South Tyneside.

Crowds line the street to watch a parade marching along Fowler Street.


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A parade taking place at the Pier Head .