Children make sure they are first through new pedestrian tunnel from Jarrow side after five year wait

The Tyne Pedestrian Tunnel has finally reopened after years of delays and this family were the first through from the Jarrow entrance.

Finally, the Jarrow-to-Wallsend crossing has been opened on Wednesday, August 7 at 12pm and Roxy Trainor, 34, and her sister-in-law, Joy Hornsby, 37, took their children to be the first members of the general public to step foot through the Jarrow side since the reopening.

Joy moved back to the area in 2013 with her children who were five- and three-years-old at the time. She had told them about her experiences of running through it and had wanted to take them but found out it was closed for refurbishment.

She said: “We have waited since then to go through it and my children are now 11- and nine-years-old. It's unfortunate that there were so many setbacks but it's great to see it open again and sympathetically restored.

From left to right: Emily, six, Ruby, nine, Jacob, six, Lewis, 11, and Rosie, nine, were first in the pedestrian tunnel on the Jarrow side

“It still has the original character I remember and it's wonderful to see all the original fixtures remain.

“The workmen of each trade should be really proud of what they've achieved.”

While Joy was pleased to see the tunnel opened, it seems that the children had the most fun.

Roxy said: “The kids ran over to get in as soon as the gate opened. They enjoyed running through it.”

The children enjoyed running through the tunnel like Joy used to do as a child

Roxy’s children, Ruby Palmer, nine, and Jacob Palmer, six, and her niece, Emily Brown, six, loved their time in the tunnel. Jacob and Ruby both said they liked running through it.

Joy’s children Lewis Hornsby, 11, and Rosie Hornsby, nine, also had a great time and hope to go back to the tunnel. Joy said: “The tiles reminded them of the swimming pool and they want to come back with their bikes to try out the lifts once they are running.”

The tunnel has been restored to look the same as when it opened in 1951 at a cost of £16million.

The tunnel will be open between 6am and 8pm until new lifts are fully installed and it becomes fully operational in September.