Tragic cat Sophie would have endured '˜great deal of suffering and pain' from attacker

Animal welfare officers fear tragic cat Sophie would have endured a 'great deal of suffering and pain' after she was stamped to death by her owner's then partner.
Thomas John Hogarth.Thomas John Hogarth.
Thomas John Hogarth.

RSPCA inspector Judith Curry told South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court the pet received a fractured skull and neck as well as other multiple injuries after she was hurled on to a patio and then stamped on by Thomas John Hogarth.

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Tests show Sophie died as a result of concussive brain injury caused by a single fatal blow to the head following the attack at the home in The Crescent, Jarrow, which her killer shared at the time with Aileen Holmes.

RSPCA inspector Catherine Maddison said after Tuesday’s prosecution: “He told the court that Sophie had gone to the toilet on the floor and he lost his temper and saw red.

“He said he chucked her on the patio and when he realised she was hurt he didn’t know what else to do but to stamp on her head. He then disposed of her body in the bin outside.

“This is a horrible act of cruelty which left nine-year-old cat Sophie with a fractured skull and neck.

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“These horrific injuries would have caused her a great deal of suffering and pain and she died as a result. It is never acceptable to hurt an animal in this way.”