Drivers warned of Tyne Tunnel lane changes in final stages of road works

Drivers have been warned of upcoming changes to Tyne Tunnel lanes as work to remove toll booths reaches its final stages.

From Monday, May 9, lanes at the exit of the Northbound tunnel will be moving, with vehicles to drive on the right side of the old plaza area while vehicles for inspection must continue to use the inspection lane on the south side of the tunnel.

The changes come as work to remove the tunnel’s toll booths, which started in November 2021, reaches its final stages.

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Late last year the tunnels converted to a cashless, free flowing system, meaning the booths were no longer needed.

Tyne Tunnel

As this phase of works begins, from 8pm on Sunday 8th May 2022, lane 2 in the Northbound tunnel will be closed.

A spokesperson for TT2, the operator of the Tyne Tunnels, said: “As always, we endeavour to minimise traffic disruption during these changes and thank you for your patience as we continue to improve your Tyne Tunnels experience.”

After leaving the Northbound tunnel, the left lanes are for the A19 only. The right lane is for the A187 only.