Troops are needed more

With the Government dismantling the welfare state, slashing public spending, trashing the NHS, destroying trade unions, eradicating social and council housing, ruining the BBC, taking money from Labour councils in the North and giving it to Tory councils in the South and taking money from the poor, the sick and the disabled and giving it to the rich, I would think our MPs would have more to concern them than Trident.

Tuesday, 8th March 2016, 8:36 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th March 2016, 8:41 am

Trident is something we don’t need, we will never use and we cannot afford.

There is no way any British prime minister would ever press the nuclear button and, of course, everyone knows this, including our perceived enemies.

I’m sure even Sunderland’s forelock-tugging working class Tories would agree aircraft carriers without aircraft compromises our security more than a lack of nuclear weapons.

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Our biggest threat comes from terrorism, and sacking thousands of soldiers and policemen does not make me feel more secure.

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa and another 480 countries in the world do not have Trident and have never even been threatened in the past 70 years, so why does the UK need it?

In any case, why would anyone invade the UK. Thanks to George Osborne our national debt has doubled to £1.6trillion and the Tories have close down or sold off all our assets.

We will have no oil when Scotland achieves independence, we import our gas from Russia and buy it from the Germans and French.

We are awash with water, but have to buy it from the Indians.

We have millions of tons of coal but buy it from Americans and we will soon be buying our electricity from the Chinese.

What’s left of our steel industry is owned by Indians and Thais. Our football teams are owned by Americans, Arabs and Russians and what the Duke of Westminster doesn’t own in London is owned by Arabs and Russians and our cat industry is owned by Americans and Japanese.

So rather than invade the UK, anyone wanting to take over needs only to have a quiet word in George Osborne’s ear.

I’m sure he would sell the country for a reasonable price –£130 million springs to mind ... No idea why.

E Royal