Wake up to the reality

Since June 23 and the vote to leave the EU our economy, which all the '˜experts', including the IMF and political leaders around the world, were telling us would by now be on the verge of collapse has taken off like an ever accelerating rocket.

Monday, 8th August 2016, 8:36 am
Updated Monday, 8th August 2016, 9:39 am

Even Chancellor Phillip Hammond has been forced to admit that the ‘remainers’ were wrong over it.

The latest boosts announced are that GlaxoSmithKline have said it is investing £275million in the UK, expansion at London City Airport is creating another 1,600 jobs and food chain McDonald’s is planning to add a further 5,000 to its workforce.

In a boost to agriculture, the USA has said that although EU beef is banned there it will start taking British beef again.

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Meanwhile, Germany has become the latest EU ‘state’ to consider its position as demands mount for holding an ‘in or out’ referendum of its own triggered by the country being reduced to the edge of panic over continuing terrorist outrages and calls for Angela Merkel’s resignation grow ever louder.

The EU’s Economic Affairs Commissioner has backed down from ‘fining’ Portugal and Spain over its deepening debts, not because it would make the situation worse but because “sanctions would not have been understood by the public” he said. In essence such fines would lead to a public, already pushed to the limit by our EU (mis)leaders, overflowing into revolt.

France is next in line for sanctions over debt.

Despite all this we still have people writing to the paper demanding a rerun of the referendum, which could put our recovery at risk and plunge us back into the ‘heart’ of all these EU troubles.

The vote, which almost certainly would see the demand for Brexit rise far above the level it reached in June, would sow uncertainty in countries around the world as to our position and might plunge our nation into depths of economic recession not seen since the 1930s just as it has stabilized and is fast recovering.

It’s time the remainers woke up to the reality of the situation.

The sooner Mrs May triggers Brexit and unleashes the full potential of our country, long held back by EU membership, the better.

She really must tell us why she continues to delay, despite a clear instruction from the electorate to ‘get on with the job’.

Kay Rowham