We all need to pay more

The perfect storm is coming.

Adult Care Services already in crisis could collapse this winter.

The only surprise is it has not happened yet.

The all-party consensus on the paying for adult care Gordon Brown nearly achieved was demolished by George Osborne’s death tax politics at the 2010 General Election.

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The cowardice of the Tory Lib Dem coalition and the current Government in not facing up to the consequences of a service on a tipping edge puts the aged and infirm in danger.

Care homes groups are on the edge unable to service the debt they incurred in assembling the big five consortiums. They could go down like a row of dominos.

They are under pressure from living wage costs and underfunding.

Local Authorities, which are responsible for social care, have had their budgets cut by 37% over the last six years. Homes closing and inadequate funding is leading to bed blocking in the NHS.

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Bed blocking is resulting in ambulances parking up at hospitals and not being able to respond to emergencies.

Last year’s two per cent Social Care precept on our Council Tax was a sticking plaster likely to be tried again is. This is not a solution to a problem that won’t go away.

A correct funding system is needed to look after us all in our old age and that means us all paying more.

Leslie Scott