We do not need the EU

I am at a loss as to why anyone, would wish to stay within the European Union, when they see what is happening to our country as a result of involvement with this failing organisation.

It is filled with bureaucratic meddlers who tinker with our laws, our legislation, our influx of migrants, at the behest of EU rulers, who are unelected by anyone in this country. On top of this they expect us to contribute to their bulging coffers by £7million per day.

There are anti-EU protest groups springing up all over Europe – in protest at the tide of migrants, the loss of their culture and way of life, due to the inept handling by the EU.

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Furthermore, the suspicion of corruption is relevant, as the financial books haven’t been signed off for at least 17 years, as audits cannot accept them, because of irregularities.

Scaremongering by the Prime Minister and cohorts is disgraceful. We should judge this referendum on a level playing field and let the public decide theire fate, not biased politicians and activists, who are looking after their future, and not the country of birthright.

The EU needs us more than we need it, and don’t be fooled by Emma Lewell-Buck with her predictions of doom if we were to leave this faltering union.

Jack Wiffin