We need to break free

Remain campaigner Peter Morris, secretary of European Movement North East, (March 12) explained the reason for the delay of a new EU directive on '˜energy saving completely the wrong way round.

The EU has kicked legislation to limit the power of toasters and hair dryers into the long grass until after the referendum.

Why?They know it will infuriate everyone in the U K who has to wait 10 minutes for a slice of toast as the EU toaster has the power of a light bulb.

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Imagine how tens of millions of UK ladies will feel towards the EU’s interfering when they have to sit for an age, while their new EU-imposed hairdryer wafts barely warm air onto their tresses.

The EU has already legislated to drastically lower the power on our domestic appliances to save the planet.

Just now the EU is too scared to force it on us, but just wait until you have voted to stay in. I though David Cameron had put a stop to this lunacy with his negotiated – No more ever closer union. A deal he is spouting loudly.

I was on holiday in Austria a week ago, the breakfast buffet toaster was a waste of time, I thought it was broken. It wasn’t. It was a new power-reduced toaster. The element did not even seeem to become red.

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I waited about 10 minutes and gave up. I took my dry, white ‘toast’ to the table and scraped butter onto dry, white bread. It wasn’t toast.

What a farce.

Toilet hand dryers are also to be targeted, as are high power, ultra fast lifts. The fantastic Dyson’ Air Blade’ hand dryer works in seconds, it will be consigned to the bin, after all it was invented by a Brit and they can’t have that can they?

Why anyone would want to stay in this bickering, pool of failing states is beyond me.

At the last Olympics, 53 countries proudly displayed the Union Jack on their flag, our commonwealth, a quarter of the world’s countries. They love our Queen. They love their inherited Britishness. Let’s embrace them again.

Lets break free. I love that word, free.

Colin Campbell