A mixture of sun and cloud faces South Tyneside

South Tyneside should expect sun and cloud throughout the day.

A mixture of sun and cloud faces South Tyneside
A mixture of sun and cloud faces South Tyneside

The Met Office forecast for the North East says a both sun and cloud should be expected.

The day should get off to a mostly sunny start, but cloud is predicted to develop later.

It will turn cloudier by evening with much more to come.

Pollution and pollen levels will remain low.

Sunrise is estimated for around 6.20am and sunset should take place at around 7.50pm.

This is what to expect on Thursday, September 5

The hour by hour forecast shows a mixture of sun and cloud.

No showers are predicted.

6am: Clear. Maximum 9°C.

7am: Sunny. Maximum 9°C.

8am: Sunny. Maximum 10°C.

9am: Sunny. Maximum 11°C.

10am: Sunny. Maximum 12°C.

11am: Sunny intervals. Maximum 13°C.

12pm: Cloudy. Maximum 14°C.

1pm: Cloudy. Maximum 14°C.

2pm: Cloudy. Maximum 15°C.

3pm: Cloudy. Maximum 15°C.

4pm: Sunny intervals. Maximum 16°C.

5pm: Sunny intervals. Maximum 16°C.

6pm: Sunny intervals. Maximum 16°C.

7pm: Cloudy. Maximum 15°C.

8pm: Cloudy. Maximum 15°C.

9pm: Cloudy. Maximum 14°C.

10pm: Cloudy. Maximum 14°C.

11pm: Cloudy. Maximum 14°C.

Will Friday, September 6 and the weekend be any better?

Showers aren’t due to die down as the weekend approaches. Overnight cloud on Thursday, September 5 will lead to some sunshine but scattered showers will follow on Friday, September 6. It’s an overall cloudy week.

Whatever your plans are, it may be jacket weather as summer comes to an end.