Autumn is well and truly here as South Tyneside is set for a dull and drizzly day

South Tyneside is set for a day of grey skies and rain.

South Tyneside is set for a dull and wet day
South Tyneside is set for a dull and wet day

The Met Office forecast for the North East today makes uninspiring reading.

Some eastern parts may have a mostly dry day with a few brighter intervals – but not South Tyneside.

It will be more cloudy towards the west, with further light rain or drizzle, mainly affecting hills. Maximum temperature 20 °C.

Overnight rain tonight will clear to sunshine and showers on Wednesday, with coastal gales possible overnight.

Thursday will be drier and bright with winds decreasing.

Further overnight rain will clear by Friday morning, before another day of sunshine and showers.

6am: Cloudy. Maximum 15C.

7am: Cloudy. Maximum 15C.

8am: Cloudy. Maximum 15C.

9am: Sunny intervals. Maximum 16C.

10am: Cloudy. Maximum 17C.

11am: Cloudy. Maximum 17C.

Noon: Overcast. Maximum 18C.

1pm: Cloudy. Maximum 18C.

2pm: Cloudy. Maximum 19C.

3pm: Cloudy. Maximum 19C.

4pm: Cloudy. Maximum 19C.

5pm: Cloudy. Maximum 18C.

6pm: Cloudy. Maximum 18C.

7pm: Light showers. Maximum 17C.

8pm: Cloudy. Maximum 17C.

9pm: Light rain. Maximum 17C.

10pm: Cloudy. Maximum 17C.

11pm: Cloudy. Maximum 16C.