Cloud on its way to South Tyneside after heavy rain in the morning

South Tyneside is set for some heavy rain in the morning but this will soon change to an overall cloudy day.
Expect heavy rain in the morningExpect heavy rain in the morning
Expect heavy rain in the morning

The Met Office predicts cloud through the morning with occasional rain which will be heavier as the day begins. The odd heavy burst of rain may continue but it is likely to be an overcast day with showers fading out through the afternoon.

Some brighter spells may work their way through the clouds later in the day. A maximum temperature of 14 °C is forecast so a jacket will be needed.

Is tonight any better?

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As the rain dies out. It will be mainly dry overnight, but with mist in some areas where there will be low cloud. A few fog patches will develop late into the evening, especially across the hills and by the coast. Expect a minimum temperature 11 °C.

How is the weather looking for Tuesday, September 10?

Early mist, fog, and low cloud will appear but they are soon set to clear. It will an overall brighter day with much more sun as we move into the afternoon. It will be a warmer day with highs of 17 °C.

What about the rest of the week?

Wind is predicted on Wednesday, September 11, with clear outbreaks of rain making a return but these are soon set to clear to sunshine but more scattered showers. Further rain will spread into Thursday, September 12 then Friday will hopefully be drier as sunny spells are forecast.