It's going to be a mainly cloudy day in South Tyneside but when will sun arrive?

Cloud is set to dominate the skies but some sun can still be expected.
It's going to be a cloudy day.It's going to be a cloudy day.
It's going to be a cloudy day.

The Met Office are predicting a mainly cloudy day on Thursday, October 3.

Mist patches in the early morning are set to quickly clear, leaving a fine and dry day with some sunny spells. Cloud will increase from the west during the afternoon ahead of some rain which may spread in overnight. Expect a maximum temperature of 12 °C and a minimum temperature of 10 °C.

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Sunrise is expected just after 7am and sunset is predicted to be at around 6.40pm.

When can we expect sun on Thursday, October 3?

6am: Partly cloudy. 6 °C

7am: Partly cloudy. 6 °C

8am: Sunny intervals. 7 °C

9am: Sunny intervals. 7 °C

10am: Sunny intervals. 8 °C

11am: Cloudy. 10 °C

12pm: Cloudy. 11 °C

1pm: Cloudy. 11 °C

2pm: Cloudy. 12 °C

3pm: Cloudy. 12 °C

4pm: Cloudy. 12 °C

5pm: Cloudy. 12 °C

6pm: Cloudy. 11 °C

7pm: Cloudy. 11 °C

8pm: Cloudy. 11 °C

9pm: Cloudy. 11 °C

10pm: Light rain. 50% chance of rain. 10 °C

11pm: Light rain. 60% chance of rain. 10 °C

Pollen, pollution and UV levels will remain low.

While there will be less rain, it’s getting chillier, so it might be time to start getting the jumpers out of the back of the wardrobe.

As we approach the end of the week, cloud and breeze will continue with some outbreaks of rain across the weekend.