Pollen count set to soar as temperatures rise across the North East

As the North East prepares for a very warm weekend, the Met Office warn of high levels of UV and pollen.

By james.barker1
Friday, 28th June 2019, 11:05 am
High temperatures for the poppies at Whitburn windmill
High temperatures for the poppies at Whitburn windmill

Most weather forecasts have been looking at what the temperature will be over the coming weekend as the Met Office reports on the UK having a mini-heatwave.

But the weather service has warned that the pollen count and UV levels across the North East is set to hit high levels on Saturday, June 28.

On Saturday, allergy sufferers will see tree and weed pollen at very low levels. While grass pollen is set to very high in the region. This will continue into Sunday, but levels will soon reduce into next week, offering much needed respite.

High temperatures for the flowers at Whitburn windmill

Over the same period, the Met Office is warning that UV levels for the region will see afternoon reading of around 6-7. Advising anyone who is spending time in the sunshine to use sun protection, or wear a hat and sunglasses.