South Shields weather forecast: Cloudy and unsettled start to the weekend

The weather in South Shields is expected to be cloudy and unsettled but temperatures will reach 8C.
Weather forecast for South Shields over the weekend.Weather forecast for South Shields over the weekend.
Weather forecast for South Shields over the weekend.

What will the weather be like in South Shields this morning?

Expects some fog patches in the early morning, but they will lift to reveal a bright and sunny morning.

Temperatures in the morning will range from 2C to 5C.

What about this afternoon?

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Clouds will thicken in the afternoon there will be a chance of showers, and while it will warm up from the chilly morning temperatures it is still expected to be cold with a maximum temperature of 8C.

What will the weather be like this evening and tonight in South Shields?

The weather is predicted to remain unsettled, and the clouds will be sticking around in the late evening.

But, there is only a slight chance of rain and the temperature isn’t expected to drop, holding steady at 7C.

What will the weather be like tomorrow?

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Sunday will see more clouds, but while sunshine may not be on the agenda there is only a 10% chance of rain.

Maximum temperatures will reach 7C but drop to 5C in the late evening.

What is the long-term forecast for the North East?

Rain will spread eastwards on Monday, November 11, with sunshine and sporadic showers following.

Wind and rain are expected on Tuesday, Wednesday will be breezy with plenty showers but drier further east.

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The end of the week is likely to remain cold and unsettled and winds might turn to a more easterly direction which could lead to further rain.